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Fresh black truffles from Australia, Tuber Melanosporum 100 g

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Fresh black truffles from Australia, Tuber Melanosporum 100 g
Here at TruffeFrance we know that some pleasures are just too good to wait for, so we are delighted to be able to offer exclusively the Tuber Melanosporum black truffle (known as the black Périgord truffle) directly from Australian truffle growers.
Winter in Australia begins just as summer in France is starting which now enables us to sell these tasty fresh black truffles from June to August.

We adhere to very strict specifications to guarantee you the very best quality. The truffles are harvested in Australia and arrive with us in just 48 hours with all their freshness and aromas intact.

The Australian black truffle, whose characteristics and DNA are exactly the same as those of French truffles, with all their visual features, flavours and aromas, are sure to satisfy the most discerning food lovers.
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