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Frozen Extra whole black truffles 100 g

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Frozen Extra whole black truffles 100 g
The best frozen truffles served on the finest tables across the world.

Never has the taste of frozen truffles been so incredibly similar to that of fresh truffles.

Flash freezing enables the finest black truffles to be served at the best tables across the world at any time of the year.

Constant price – washed and ready to use – always available – no weight loss – whole product can be used, no waste.

Use: Use from frozen. They will finish defrosting during cooking. Broken pieces of truffle ideal for stuffings, scrambled eggs, omelettes, pasta.

Ingredients: frozen black truffle breakings (Tuber Melanosporum).

Storage: the cold chain must not be interrupted; store at -15°C max.

Delivery: in order to ensure the cold chain is not broken and our products retain their impeccable quality, all our frozen truffles are delivered by refrigerated truck, or by express transport with temperature-controlled isothermal packaging.

Selected product: from Italy.
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