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The truffle book

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The truffle book

The Truffle Book is a perfect introduction to the pleasurable and mysterious world of truffles. Gareth Renowden explores the truffle forests of France and the truffle markets of Italy, discovers the new truffles of the American Northwest and the new plantations of Australia and New Zealand, and also chats about the truffles of Spain, Britain, China and Sweden. There's advice on finding truffles, how to grow truffles, training a dog to find truffles, how to buy truffles and avoid expensive mistakes, and how to cook the defining truffle dishes, and a pictorial guide to the edible truffles of the world. If you've ever tasted truffle and wanted to know more, or want to know what all the fuss is about, The Truffle Book has the answers.

Author: Gareth Renowden / Limestone Hills Ltd, printed in 2005.

Format: 152 pages, fully illustrated with over 90 colour pictures, maps and illustrations.

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