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La passion de la truffe, depuis 1997

White truffle flour 50 g

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White truffle flour 50 g
An innovative product which can be used in an infinite number of recipes.

Flour, the age-old and most basic ingredient of our culinary tradition, is blended with the intense aroma of white truffle to serve as a basis for an infinite number of recipes, all exquisite and natural.

The dose, not to be exceeded, is 25 g truffle flour for 1 kg normal flour, for making sauces such as a white truffle béchamel sauce and 50 g truffle flour for 1 kg normal flour, for making fresh pasta.

This flour will lend the authentic and unforgettable flavour of white truffle to any dish.

Ingredients: Semolina flour, white truffle aroma, 30%.

Shelf life: 12 months.

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